Ow did the ancient Egyptians wall painting techniques change through time.

The paper should be focused on how did the ancient Egyptians wall paintings changes through time (Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom). What are the significances of the painting and why did the egyptians use tha technique to paint the wall. You dont need to write about whether the techniques have been improved or not. One of the resource has to be the book Robbins, Gay 2008 The Art of Ancient Egypt.The paper must have a full bibliography with researched footnotes and must include images.
Use only journals, web pages, and books published for a scholarly community rather than the general audience, in short no tourist web pages. Always find as many sources as possible. A good research paper should have a long bibliography and should not be limited to web pages!
Bibliographic citation sample: I use my own modified MLA style, which follows for a basic book entry the following format: Russman, Donald 2012 Ramses II New York. I will be glad to guide you per your needs for non-book formats.
Footnote example: Authoras last name, year of publication: pages cited, i.e.: Pedley, 2007:89-90. FOOTNOTES ARE AT THE BASE OF THE PAGE.
There are sample sources for description of this fundamental tool in art history. If you prefer to use the Internet, I suggest the link below to familiarize yourself with paper formats in art history arthistory.shtml
I need at least five scholarly articles/books/etc. to complete the primary research for my paper. PLEASE USE JSTOR OR EBSCOHOST FOR YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Remember every Paper should have an argument.
Write a formal analysis of your object/monument and create an outline for the paper.
Figure out your research question and state it in the beginning of the paper and place the thesis within the existing literature. I.e.: it can be as varied as your own interests, i.e.: musical interests in ancient Greece, sex in antiquity, the role of women in Greek society as seen in sculpture, etca¦.