Ow did the Black Death change the course of history?

3-5 page research paper
Following sources of info are ok…
1. JSTOR, EBSCO, Elsevier (Online databases of print journals)
2. Hard copies of academic journals (Print journals)
3. Academic books
4.Scans of books available on Google books
5. Encyclopedias (Not Wikipedia)
6. Primary sources (Museum artifacts)

Paper should include 5 sources.

1. Paper should have an introductory paragraph in which you set up your argument and give your reader an idea about the time period and place you writing about.
2. A thesis statement
3. At least 3 reasons that support your thesis. A good way to structure your paper is to write one paragraph per reason.
4. You must cite facts in support of your reasons.
5. A concluding paragraph in which you quickly summarize the argument and state why it is important for the historical period or location.