Ow did the British newspapers effect society in the 1840-60s?

The essay needs to look at the effect newspapers had on the society between 1840-1860.

Needs to talk about the circulation, political stance and bias, who read the papers working or middle class on the papers;
The Times
The Morning Post
Standard and
The Daily Mail

How did the lift of stamp duty and other charges effect newspapers?
What was the importance of newspapers, were they as popular as they are today?
Newspapers and English Society, 1695-1855 (Themes in British Social History) by Hannah Barker.

The Antebellum Era: Primary Documents on Events from 1820 to 1860 (Debating Historical Issues in Newspapers of the Time) by COPELAND and David A. Copeland (2003)

Victorian Authority: Daily Press in Late Nineteenth Century Canada by Paul Rutherford.

These are some of the books I have come across but feel free to use other sources on the topic which you know of and are good.