Ow did the critical responses to postmodernism affect the evolution of postmodernism today?

I will upload a document, with article called Critical responses on postmodernity and post modernism. Please use this article to answer the TOPIC question, but writing only about one of the philosophers (Jurgen Habermas). Please use the article to write about his ideas and please use external research to be able to develop the ideas and thoughts about the Philosopher and try to answer the Topic question using his thoughts. (include his ideas, thoughts, work, impact and future impact )
This can be done in 2 pages.
Then looking at the article , specifically the conclusion of the article, please write a 200-250 words for conclusion on answering the Topic question ( use the article in the conclusion part and please use some external research to develop the conclusion)
Please make sure the sentences arent copied from the article, in your own and professional words please.
It is a final document which i need ti submit, so please follow the guidelines and be correct.