Ow did the Global Financial Crisis affect Hong Kong


1. Essays must be typed or word-processed (double-spaced with at least a 2.5 cm
margin on all sides of the page).
2. Pages must be numbered, preferably at the bottom centre of the page.
3. You must document sources used in your essay. This can be using in-text citation,
endnotes (i.e. notes listed on a separate page which comes after the text of your
essay), or footnotes (notes at the bottom of the page which they refer to). Refer to the
examples given for the preferred method. Your bibliography/list of references must be
on a separate page, and must include all material mentioned in your notes, plus any
material which was read but not necessarily quoted from.

4. Footnotes/endnotes must be numbered consecutively, with full bibliographical and
page details in the first reference to a particular work. Later references to the same
work can be abbreviated (i.e. only including surname, short version of title, page).
Remember, notes are there for the reader to find the information themselves if they
want to, so make sure they are precise and accurate.

5. Footnotes/endnotes must be used wherever you give a quote, use any important
facts or where you have drawn on particular works for parts of your essay. Notes tell
the reader where your information has come from and how you have used your reading
to build your essay.

6. Give your sources for all tables and appendices. This may not necessarily be where
the original book got the table from, but where you obtained it.

7. Make sure you proofread your essay. It is important that your spelling,
punctuation and grammar are correct. When writing in another language,
appropriate use of diacritical marks is expected.

*8.Be sure to develop an argument which is supported by cited