Ow did the hurricane Katarina impact the reservation price on the housing market in New Orleans, before and after the catastrophe?

1) Context provision: A brief introduction to the aspect of your choice and its
relation with the impact of Katrina on the housing market in New Orleans.

2) Relation to Game Theory: Introduce a simple
and relevant game theoretic model in the context of your
topic. Describe it and provide economic insights. It is of crucial importance
that you specify why your model fits your selected topic. Note that there are a
variety of Game Theory Models discussed in the literature.

3) Selective review: Review in brief the academic literature which is relevant to
your topic and clearly relate this literature to your topic. Try to be concise.

Importantly, any paper has to satisfy the structural restrictions outlined before.

The three components do not necessarily determine the structure of the paper; that
rather depends on your particular aim/emphasis.

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Criteria: length 1800-2200 words.

Layout: check that your paper meets the formal requirements for the SBE (e.g.
cover page plus title, name etc., margins, font, line spacing, paragraphing style,
references, etc.). ( Document will be provided)

Content: relevant economic aspects organized logically and coherently; minimum of
5 academic papers (not newspaper articles or web forums/blogs) should be
reviewed in the discussion of the topic.

Structure: clear a?purpose statementa and outline; ensure that the organization and structure of your paper follows logically from your purpose statement.

Language: accurate grammar; appropriate style.

Citations and references: applied appropriately (NB. Minimum 5 references a see
content above).