Ow did the international human rights laws influence the death penalty abolition in domestic law in Europe ?

The death penalty had always been considered as domestic law issue. For such a long time, in the states all over the world, especially the United States, there have always been two sides a being supportive to the death penalty or against it. A new theory of human rights law appeared as new argument for the opposite after World War II. Firstly, this theory provides a new idea for abolition of the capital punishment. It is that the death penalty itself completely violates citizensa (including the perpetrators) right to live and even led them being tortured and endured other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Secondly, this new theory of human rights law on the abolition of the death penalty is not limited to domestic level. Human rights law theory suggested that capital punishment is more than an issue of criminal justice and penal policy, but worldwide phenomenon which closely related to human rights protection. This dissertation is focus on the historical development of abolition of death penalty as international human rights law view and analysis its connection with the domestic laws (take UK as main example). Firstly, it would explain the changes of international views on capital punishment (from laissez-faire to control to abolition). Then it will compare the characteristics of law system between the countries who has abolished the death penalty and who hasnat and analysis their connection to the international human rights lawi??mainly in Europe).

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