Ow did the introduction of the metrosexual change/effect the way masculinity is represented in fashion advertising within the UK/Europe.

I am looking at how the introduction of the metrosexual has effected representations of masculinity within fashion advertising in the UK, and maybe mention europe a little, but America is very different in their representations. I want to look at the start of the metro-sexualhow and why and how this changed views of masculinity, and what the effect was on gender stereotypes, how the media portrayed this, and how the metrosexual has evolved. I want to look into British magazines, and the advertising.

how did the introduction of metrosexual change/effect the way masculinity is represented in fashion images/advertising?

What is the metrosexualwhen did the term arise and why?
Changing representations of men in advertisingmove away from traditional macho malea¦
More femininewomen and gay liberationa¦
Change in the gaze.
Gender performance, not biologically set.
Metrosexualconsumermarketing strategya¦ men became more objectified, commodifieda¦ how has the term metrosexual changed from when it first appeared to nowa¦
Has it declined or has changed form and manifested itself into most current advertising for mena¦ he is used to advertise high fashion brands such as lanvin and Guccia¦as well as brands such as calvin klein and Abercrombie?? Its both about the body as well as the fashion itselfa¦
How the media influenced gender

I have written a literature review around a similar subject but it was not quite up to scratch, will i be able to attach this to my writer so they can see how i work? plus the bibliography?

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