Ow Did the Soviet Union Become Involved in Afghanistan?

Paper Requirements

Please do not include a table of contents and note that pictures, charts and graphs do not count as text. I require the use of the American Psychological Association (or APA) style, so please see the sample paper I have included for you in DocSharing. Keep in mind that the more primary sources you use in your research, the stronger your argument tends to be, but I still expect to see at least five sources to be used (see the list at the end of this syllabus for ideas) and I will not accept internet sites as a source unless you indicate the specific article, book, etc. you used at the site in question. Simply listing a URL address is unacceptable.

Also, please remember that the majority of your paper must be written in your own words and not quoted from others. You will not receive credit for this assignment if you simply take numerous quotes from other sources and paste them together into a paper.

Think a topic through carefully before you begin to research it, because it does you no good to simply define nuclear proliferation without tell me what it implies for the world. Why did the United States get involved in Vietnam? What are the causes of war? Take a position and analyze an issue without using the pronoun  I, as in  I think &  or  I believe...

Your paper must contain the following specifications:

· a title page with your name, course and section number
· margins in the body of the paper of one inch only
· double-spaced between lines in text
· single-spaced between lines in indented quoted passages with an 8 or 9 point font
· only one double-space between paragraphs
· the APA citation style
· a title drawn from the syllabus using the exact wording
· text font that is 12 point
· internet sources cited correctly (this means including the author and title of article)
· a works cited page
· no citations from encyclopedias, dictionaries, Wikipedia or course textbooks
· no first person references
· at least seven pages of text long
· not confusing similar terms like:
 it s with  its,  to with  too,  here with  hear,  there with  their,  your with  you re,  than with  then,  country s with  countries,  company s with  companies,  bear with  bare, and  through with  threw and  thorough.

If you do not know the difference between these terms, I suggest you make an effort to do so before you submit something to me in writing. You can lose up to a letter grade for each of these aforementioned oversights, meaning that if, for example, you hand in a six page paper with internet sources listed incorrectly, you begin with a  C before I read even the first word, so please be attentive to these stipulations. This is not an English class, but I do expect you to pay attention to the basic rules of grammar, punctuation and style.

Research Paper Topics

You must use one of these topics and may not diverge unless cleared by me.

· Why Did the United States Lose the War in Vietnam?

· How Did the Soviet Union Become Involved in Afghanistan?

· Why Did the Soviet Union Lose the War in Afghanistan?

· Hugo Chavez and Venezuela s Failed Revolution

· Fidel Castro and Cuba s Failed Revolution

· Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iran s Failed Revolution

· Kim Jong-Il and North Korea s Failed Revolution

· Japan and China as Rivals

· China s Authoritarian Capitalism: Success or Failure?

· What is America s Combat Strategy in Iraq?

· China s Impending Environmental Crash

· The Battle Over Democracy Within Burma

· The Fracturing of Yugoslavia

· Russia After Putin

Grading Criterion for Papers
Paper meets the required length of at least seven pages without spaces between paragraphs.
There will be a 10 point deduction per page under the minimum.
The writing is clear and concise.
This category includes spelling, grammar, overall readability and points will be deducted for deviations.
All in-text citations are in the APA format.
There will be a flat 20 point deduction if this criterion is not met.
At least five sources are used.
There will be a flat 5 point deduction for every source under the minimum.
Every source in the Works Cited page appears in the text.
There will be a flat 10 point deduction if this criterion is not met.

For excellent sources to help you with your research on these and other topics, see the Resource Center tab below the weekly tabs or:
(The British Broadcasting Corporation)

(The Cable News Network)