Ow did the wars between the French Republic and the monarchies of Europe lead to the Terror and the Napoleonic Empire?

Use these guidelines to write your research essay.

Title Title is written in the form of a question using the word Whyor How”

General Answer Opening paragraph gives a general answer to the question. The question
is clarified and the general answer is stated in 3 or 4 sentences.

Paragraph Order All paragraphs are arranged in logical order so that the essay is easy to understand.

Evidence All examples are specific and relevant. Explanations are given that show how each piece of evidence answers the question.

Conclusion The conclusion refers to the evidence presented to explain what you learned from your research. It does not introduce any substantial new information not given in the evidence.

Sentence Structure All sentences are well-constructed with varied structure.

Grammar & Spelling Grammar and spelling are correct.

Notes Sources for evidence and examples are all noted, using one acceptable style. Acceptable styles are:
Modern Language Association (MLA)
American Psychological Association (APA)
Guidance for using these styles can be found in the folder Research Essay Information under Assignments in Blackboard.

Direct quotes Direct quotes of over 40 words are single-spaced, and both sides of the (if used) quote are indented from the main text.

Sources At least two specialized sources are used.
Specialized sources are scholarly articles and books. They will contain information that identifies the author(s), title of article or book, name of journal if applicable, publisher, and date of publication. These requirements apply to both print and electronic sources. Do not list encyclopedias, textbooks or other reference works in your sources.

Author Biographies Three or more sentence biographies for each author Biographies should include an explanation of why the author is a subject matter expert.

Length Essay is four to six pages long. A page consists of more than half a
page of text. Text should be double-spaced. The last page of the essay must be more than half a page long to count as a page. Neither the list of sources nor the biographies of the authors count as part of a page.