Ow dividend signaling changes market valuation in UK telecommunication industry

I would like you to upload a chapter on 7th February 2011 and see its progress.

you may refer to the following structure but not necessary to.Or you can choose what structure you think would be more appropriate for the dissertation. A clear structure is important, subtitles can be used.

including objectives of research

2.literature review
clarify relevant concepts, extent of current understanding, and outstanding problems/issues by discussing prior research (mainly academic). In reviewing the literature that underpins and influences your empirical research, identify the general themes, or differences between writers, in the explanations advanced. make sure you evaluate the relevance, reliability and validity of your citations. make sure that you relate that consideration of themes to what you are doing. state in your chapter/section the relevance of the work you are commenting on, or to which you are referring, to your own work.

given the literature review, rationale for the research and its objectives, a description of the methodology adopted.

4.results and analysis
presentation results in a complete, clear and helpful way, analysis of results in a useful way, critical commentary on the quality of responses and the reliability or limitations of findings.

5.discussion of implications
relate your findings back to the literature review, discuss similarities and differences.explain the implications of your findings for managers and decision makers.
havard referencing system