Ow do accounts of rural and suburban racism challenge understandings of race and place?

the module title is race, place and nation
To move beyond the conventional urban geographies of race and racism
To demonstrate how whiteness and ideas of nationhood is embedded in particular landscapes
To challenge racism and displace dominant forms of whiteness in a?out of the way placesa
Case study example of racism with the corner shop

Nationhood & English Nationalism in the Countryside
Rural Racism and Nationalism
Strategies for Challenging Whiteness and Rural Racism
Racism in the Suburbs: Rethinking the geography of racist violence

Disclosed how whiteness and white territoriality is embedded in particular rural and suburban spaces
Challenged the perception of race and racism as exclusively a?urban issuesa
Demonstrated how a?out of the waya places can be refigured through an alternative geographical imagination and anti-racist set of practices
Moved towards a more open, pluralistic understanding of rurality and suburbia