Ow do ATI (access to information) / FOI (freedom of information)laws affect the states ability to govern?

The essay is talking about how do ATI/FOI laws affect the states ability to govern.
First need to talk about what is FOI laws, its aim and objective and where have FOI laws. Information can be found on National Freedom of Information Lawsor National Right to Information Law

The following areas can be helped to answer the essay questions, and I would like to include them in the essay.
-To what extent does ATI/FOI lead to more transparency / accountability on the part of the state?
-Who are the main users of ATI/FOI and for what purposes do they use it?
-Does the information disclosed under ATI/FOI lead to more or less trust in the state?
-How do the practical implementation issues faced by state employees stymie the achievement of the goals of ATI/FOI?

Try to use the given referencing books and articles to answer the above questions and answer the essay questions.
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