Ow do bilingual children and mulitlingual children learn to read or write,speak through the use of role play

How do bilingual and multilingual children learn to read,write through the use of role play.

the aims of this essay will address 5 key things.
1) How do children acquire or develop lanuage using competing theories including communicative competence and the importance of interaction and deficit of different.

2) you can use different resources which examines the use of story book rhymes,songs,poemsto extend their literacy you also can use drama or story props puppets.

3)the needs of a bilingual children which discusses how to understand the linguistic repertoire of pupils and how to provide opportunities to support and extend their learning.

4) Critiques competing theories on how children learn to read,stretegies for supporting and extending their reading.

5) supporting and extending writing,which explores the complexity of becoming a writer supporting and extending young writers writing for different audiences and purposes.


1)criticlly analyse competing theries on how children aquire lanuages

2) Appreciate the specific literacy needs of a bilingual children and know how to provide for these children.

3)Use a range of strategies to support and extend young childre writing.

4)Critically real life uses of reading and writing speacking and listening.