Ow do breakfast show presenters create a lively and engaging atmosphere on their radio shows?

Spoken Language Study

You will have to find a transcript (which I will need a copy of) of a breakfast show on the radio and analyse it.

How do breakfast show presenters create a lively and engaging atmosphere on their radio shows?

Type of speech, speaker identity, audience, setting and topic should be taken into consideration.

Main points of analysis:

What are the speakers trying to achieve? This may be obvious or the speaker may have an underlying agenda, which is more difficult to ascertain.

What is the spoken language featured being used to achieve the purpose and why? How are they effective?

What is the effect on the audience? How will this affect the audienceas listening habits? How will this shape the listeneras perceptions of the speaker? How will audiences from different demographics (gender, age, class, race etc) be influenced? How will their views and attitudes towards this speech and speaker(s) vary?

Essay Plan:

Brief introduction to the topic: make an interesting overall point about spoken language in contrast to written language. Then try to link this to a point specifically about the breakfast show.

Establish the context of the transcript: what type of show is it? What are the target audience? Who is the radio presenter and what style do they have? How does this appeal to the target audience?

Provide a thesis statement: what will you be exploring in the essay and what main idea are you going to be arguing through the essay.

Make all your points brief. Donat try to analyse it all!

Main body:

PEE PARAGRAPHS! (Point, evidence, explanation) about 5

Indentify purpose and identify language feature used to achieve this purpose


What is the significance of using this language device at this point in the conversation? (Analyse key words a how do they relate to the overall purpose identified initially)

What is the effect on the listener(s)?

Does the speaker intend to have this affect and why?

How would the speech affect public attitudes? (You donat have to address public attitudes in every PEE paragraph. But it does need to be analysed in depth throughout the essay)

Conclusion: what have you learnt from the analysis?

Sum up all the main points about the purpose of the speech, what type of features are used and public attitudes

Leave the reader with an interesting thought about the topic.

Functions of speech:

Types of utterance: Referential, Phatic, Directive, Transactional, interactional
(A single utterance by a speaker can have more than one function)

The rules of conversation: opening/closure, turn-taking, adjacency pairs, topic, agenda setting, repairs, feedback
(An important consideration in the analysis of conversational interaction is whether the speakers are face to face or not? This will help inform a reading.

Features of spontaneous speech (can be compared with prepared speech)

Lexis, grammar, non-fluency features

Phonological aspects (prosodic features)

These include intonation, pitch, pace, juncture, pauses, volume, stress and accent.

Spontaneous speech vs. writing

Features of spoken language also include, banter, elongation, register, idioms, hedge etc. The list is endless, pick most appropriate.