Ow do changes in chromosome number evolve?

1) These references must be to books or journal articles that are physically present in the SBU library, or which can be accessed electronically through the SBU libraryas electronic journal holdings. Do not use popular articles (e.g., Scientific American), and do not cite textbooks as references. Better still is the Web of Science, found under a?Databases and E-journalsa?. Other journals as Evolution, The American Naturalist, Paleobiology, Systematic Biology, Molecular Biology and Evolution, and Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Two important sources are Trends in Ecology and Evolution and Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics.
2) Work from an outline. Begin by posing the problem and stating why it is interesting or important. Then develop the logic and evidence used by writers who have held different opinions on the subject. After presenting the arguments and evidence on contending viewpoints, arrive at your own conclusion, or state what you understand to be the current consensus (if there is one). Why you found it more convincing, i.e. why its logic and evidence is more compelling. If you conclude that no definitive answer can be reached at this time, say why, and just what kind of evidence might most help to resolve the problem.
3) Cite references in the text for all statements that are not common knowledge, and list the references in a bibliography at the end. Use the citation and bibliography format that is used in the textbook, and in recent issues of Evolution. Do not use footnotes.
4) Note that I will submit all written assignment using SafeAssign. This software reports the percentage of paper that matches any portion of text found online or in peersa papers, as well as a web link to the source.

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