Ow do changing approaches to geography affect the knowlege produced about development in the global south over time?

1-A very brief summary about the development in the global south
What approaches to knowledge (Ontology, epistemology and Methodology) are drawn in each of the articles.
2-how do the approaches of knowledge taken by the author influence the argument and knowledge presented.?
3-what are the advantages and limitations to the approach taken and the knowledge produced.
4-have the approaches taken to and the knowledge produced about, this topic changed over time and how is this ties to broader shifts in approaches to human geography?
Need to discuss these specific books and journals in the last three point.

Frank, A. (1966) The development of under-development. Monthly Review, September, pp. 17-30.
Gould, P.R. (1970) Tanzania 1920-63: The Spatial Impress of the Modernization Process. World Politics 22 (2), 149-170.
Jones, P.S. (2000) Why is it alright to do development over there but not here? Area 32, 237–41.
Lange, M. (2004) British colonial legacies and political development. World Development, 32, 905–22.

must be simple and startight forward, must discuss issues such as marxisim and positists, paradigms, structures and agencies ect..