Ow do cultural ecologists view religion & magic?

750 words or more FORMAL report, on: How cultural ecologists view religion & magic?

This paper must focus on society in general and NOT a particular ethnic group. In addition, the material MUST be presented from the viewpoint of the theorists in the anthropological theory you selected and NOT from sociologists, psychologists, or other social scientists outside the field of cultural anthropology.

The report must be written in THIRD person and in APA 6th edition format

Use my thesis statement of:
1. Thesis statement
Cultural Ecologists aim to discover the similarities and differences of different cultures throughout different periods of time. They want to know why people live the way they live and why certain things can be found in their cultures that may not be found elsewhere. Ecologists tend to have different views on religion, but one thing that seems to be consistent is that they donat agree with the thinking of outsiders that the more isolated tribe style cultures believe in magic, instead they have learned that they just have less understanding of how their environment works.
2. Purpose statement
The purpose of this paper is to show how cultural ecologists view religion & magic. How they relate & why some cultures might believe in one, the other, or both.
3. Audience statement
Ecologistas hope that people interested in how different cultures view religion and magic will be drawn to this and possibly learns something new.