Ow do designers in their work benefit or suffer from a?the network societya (Manuel Castells)?

I find the content of your email deeply problematic. Here are some questions:
1) Searching the Internet is OK to find what information is available on the Internet, but it is not a reliable source of information for solid research material. Try a library.
2) Instead of reading information about Manuel Castells, have you read about what he has to say in his own words? For your information he has written a few books about networks.
3) Which journals and what articles have you read about designers and the network society?
4) Separating your argument in two parts (the a?benefita and the a?suffera) does not constitute as critical thinking. Thatas as moronic as writing about whatas good about good and whatas evil about evil.
5) Interviewing designers is useful form of research. Donat just ask them about what they think of the question, thatas for you to decide. Form your own opinion and argue your case using examples.