Ow do people make sense of health and illness? Discuss with reference to at least TWO social cognition theories.

The essay should contain an introduction that tells the reader what the essay will be covering, it is best to write the introduction when you have planned your essay. There should also be a conclusion that brings together all the information from the essay in order to answer the question.br /
Your essay should be well structured and contain a coherent argument based on the facts it contains. You should make it clear when you are making a statement of fact by supporting it with evidence from the literature. br /
When expressing a point of view, ensure that your case is well argued in that:br /
A br /
1. The premises for your arguments are stated clearlybr /
2. The argument is valid, and supported by evidencebr /
3. Make sure your essay is not one-sided. State and evaluate arguments and evidence that run counter to the opinion that you hold.br /
4. The main body of your essay should comply with the introduction and should be written in a critical and evaluative manner. br /
br /
Does the introduction tell the reader what the essay will be covering?br /
Does the introduction portray an understanding of the question?br /
Does the main body of the essay contain all the relevant information?br /
Is the argument coherent?br /
Is the essay well structured?br /
Is the material discussed in a critical and evaluative manner?br /
Does the essay contain relevant references?br /
Is the essay written in a concise style?br /
Is there evidence of extra reading?br /
Does the main body of the essay comply with the introduction?br /
Does it contain correct grammar and spelling?br /
Does the conclusion address the question?br /
br /
br /
1 introductionbr /
br /
2 main body 1br /
br /
3 main body 2br /
br /
4 main body 3 or 5 main body 4br /
br /
br /
br /
6 conclusion