Ow do people personality changes in places? and how its related to movement?

You must compare two films: 1-The Red Shoes by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. 2A Study in Choreography for Camera by Maya Deren (you can find it on youtube)

Essay Question: How do people personality change in places? and how its related to movement? you must answer this question by writing 4000 words.

To answer this question I need you look at Erving Goffman theories (theory of self) , Peggy Phelan essays or theories, Maya Deren theories or study and you can use Alfred Hitchcock theories as well, to answer this question. SO before answer the main question lets explore… main reflection and questions..

for example , how is weight of body related to gravity , what do they do …. blah blah

try to build an argument..
how film can be ethics? for example you can say there are other films with gravity but Im just saying that….

you can talk about feet in films as well..
what is the relationship between body and gravity/camera? how they are related… etc…

then come up with something else..

so you can build some other questions in order to answer the main question.

You must keep in mind to compare and contrast their form and content, in terms of some or all of the following : their historical and/or cultural context, issues of identity politics and representation of others, economic consideration, aesthetics and formal innovation, and finally narrative structure and the construction of meaning. Draw upon theoretical discourse to build your own argument. examine its structure and devices and its production context and conditions so as to isolate the mechanisms-social aesthetic, technological , financial and industrial . The resulting essay must evidence clear and concise expression, key reading , an understanding and application of concepts. good organisation and presentation of material careful referencing of ideas and quotation used (include page numbers) and coherent development of your own point of view. In presenting the work of any theorist, outline the scope and type of their work and its application to your own ideas.

we will be looking for an ability to synthesize and analyse, as well as clarity of presentation and demonstrable knowledge of film history and film theories. work should be word-processed; pages should be numbered , full bibliographic details given (e.g for a book-author,date,title (underlined), place of publication, publisher. All direct quotation and summarised ideas must be fully referenced . Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism, which is very serious University offence. THINK OF discourses and practices in the history of the moving image. develop a critical understanding of the history and development of the changing context of film & video production. *Investigate the role of production institutions, state machinery and social systems in the history of film & video production *Analyse and compare different production strategies in terms of changing social, cultural political and economic forces. *Interrogate theories of the production of meanings in movies image, and establish a working knowledge of dominant discourse. *establish a working knowledge of the main genres, tendencies and conventions of the cinema to date and to develop critical understanding of the role of independent filmmakers. Think of yourself as finding things, investigating. This is about finding. Deciding to look with spirit in a way no other people looking. its about the idea intimate you. You are working connection between them and you. Made your own meaning, cultural subject, different people make different meaning. what occasion do you make? Reasonable . The opinion is central of the essay. what is the note of your essay? not to reproduce ideas but to generate new ideas. *Use theories to strengthen your idea, read about Erving Goffman Theory of self”, Peggy Phelan, Maya Deren theories, and you can look at Hitchcock . make it critical , create argument .. * you need to show how people personality change in places for example the student at the class looks formal but in club seems crazy and funny, same way as the police officer who walks in the streets who looks to serious.. and with his family is different.. I only need 4000 words for this paper. Thank you