Ow do policy changes interact with the economy and economic well-being of the working poor?

Define the working poor 200% of poverty and the size of this population in the US
How do tax policies affect low-income workers? (sales taxes, gasoline taxes, property taxes)
Social Assistance Programs and their effect on the working poor.
Governement programs such as welfare-to-work and the Workforce Investment Act try to help the poor find stable employment and thereby excape poverty. How these temporary agencies impact the poor and less-skilled workers and the impact on the business cycle.
Unemployment insurance meeting the needs of the less-skilled worker.
What impact has the current state of the health care industry (specifically health insurance) affected low-skilled workers?
Government policies impacting technological change and how this impacts low-wage workers.
Charting the federal minimum wage (purchasing power over time), has it kept up with inflation?