Ow do Reality TV shows like Geordie Shore construct Realityand why is this genre so popular?.

Can you please create an essay explaining How do Reality TV shows like Geordie Shore construct Realityand why is this genre so popular?. The essay must include these theories :

Propps 7 Spheres of Action What character roles are created through mediation?

Todorovs Equilibrium Theory Is there a clear typical narrative structure?

Hypodermic Needle Theory Do audiences believe everything they see?
Uses and Gratifications Escapism, identification ect
The hegemonic view

Theories of hegemony are based around the idea that dominant classes persuade subordinate or lower ones to accept and adopt their values. In programmes like Britainas Got Talent and The X Factor, a panel of so-called experts decide who has talent and who has not.”

Introduction: the development of reality TV

1. Outline essay question

2. I will be discussing why there are so many reality TV show.
3. How the genre has been developed from a range of television genres such as game shows, talk shows, drama and documentary.


4. The genre is popular because it adds dramatic entertainment factors to reality (G)

Point one: Reality TV shows use the conventions of documentary to construct reality

1. The history of fly on the wall documentary and historical examples (H)

2. Documentary has high status and regard of representing reality fairly: (H, P, G)

3. Conventions of documentary (G, ML)

Analysis of Geordie Shore and the conventions adopted from documentary e.g. voice over, music, mise en scene etc. (G, ML)

Point two: Reality TVs institutions manipulate reality to present their own ideologies.

Institutions use editing as a way of manipulating reality. ( Camera editing)MTV

Point 3: The genre is popular because audiences see themselves in the texts

Uses and gratifications theorymostly identification (A)And the other theories mentioned above

Point 4: The genre is popular because it reflects society

Point 5: Issues and debates

Representation and stereotyping
Reality TV

The genre is reality TV but is presented as a documentary. This may be due to the criticisms of reality TV. Documentaries have historically been taken seriously and as a source of information.

Moral Panics

Due to the representations of groups constatntly being repeated, it makes the audience become concerned about certain issues
Media Effects

Similar to the moral panic, after watching this show, audiences that identify with the texts may change their ways to make their lives better.


1. Summarise essay

2. It could be argued that reality TV is decreasing popularity

a. I will talk about the criticisms of reality TV and how itas dumbing down society

Can you please use citations.