Ow do retailers make sure that they are reaching the older customer? How can they successfully keep the retail experience relevant to them?

Hi guys! I am basically doing a favor for a friend in my course that read the papers i had had done through your writing services and she thought she would use your services for her thesis as well. She is a french student, that speaks english. Please find below her instructions and everything she has done already. Its pretty straight forward.

Thanks guys!


Basically the idea is to explain how people over 60 years old make their purchasing decisions when they buy from distance (internet and catalogues). Analyse and make critics on the offer and finally make some recommendations on what to do in order to be successful and whats the future of the the trend.

I have already done the introduction and table of content so what I need is 7000 words for:

A literature review of 500 words to complete my introduction

6500 words for the 2 main parts and the conclusion.

References and appendix

I have done two video interview with older people that you need to use (reference it) plus an email interview with a woman named Kathryn.

You will find enclosed:

My introduction plus draft of table of content ( in red what you need to do)

An email interview

The list of references I have started

Please feel free to add some parts that you think necessary to the table of content.

I also wanted to know if it would be possible to send some 2000 words as soon as possible so that I can send my tutor a first draft?

I am French (English 2nd language) so if you could write in the same style than the introduction, nothing too sophisticated.

Some sources:



I also have 2 video interviews that I conducted but the size is too big to send by email. Ill try to have them burn on a DVD and send it to you.