Ow do scientific studies of consciousness contribute to the efforts to assess consciousness in non-communicative brain-damaged patients?

question concerning patients in coma, vegetative states, or paralysed patients who are conscious but unable to communicate this to others.Note that this is not a general essay about vegetative states, so please answer the particular questions we asked. You specifically need to refer to recent studies that provided new ways to communicate with such patients (at least those that areconscious). An introduction as well as discussion/evaluation will still be necessary.
focus on 4 conditions vegetative state, coma, minimally conscious state and locked in syndrome. For each of these in the introduction write a few words about how consciousness is due to 2 psychological functions i.e. awareness and arousal, and what each of the conditions are,
Main body of essay for each condition write how scientific studies can be used to assess conciousness for each condition, how it contributes to the assessment of consciousness (positive or negative) and what it tells us about the conscious state of these patients
overall discussion and conclusion in how these scientific studies contribute to the assessment of conciousness in non communicative brain damaged patients
use apa style for referencing
-must be 1200 words not over