Ow do teams differ from groups at work?

The essay has to focus on two main parts:
A. What can be done to influence group/team behaviour? Describe and explain using parameters and variables from organisational behaviour
B. When and why is a team not appropriate?

Two of those references should inclued the two books:
1) Mullins, Laurie, J. (2005). Management and Organisational Behaviour, 7thEdn. Harlow, Prentice Hall
2) Thompson, P. and McHugh, D. (2002) Work Organisations (3rd Edition) Houndmills: Palgrave

The structure might be as follows:
1) The exact title as stated in the module handbook. (Not condensed or shortened)
2) A table of contents
3) Write about the topic integrating the prescribed literature and any other relevant sources, while minimising the use of web sites
4) Critique the literature and put forward your own views, using the literature for support
5) Add a reference list. Use the Harvard referencing system throughout