Ow do the film Belovedrelated to sociological theory and the real world.

Choose a movie that makes some kind of sociological statement. Write a 2 to 3 page paper stating the name of the film and the sociological statement the film makes. explain why you feel that this film deals with sociological concepts and what those concepts are as related to sociological theory. For example: The movie Blind Side is evaluate social inequality, race, class, and gender from historical materialism perspective.

I. Introduction

a. statement of the problem

b. significance of the problem

II. Theoretical Literature Review

a. discuss the paradigm you will be working from

b. discuss the theorists from class, their concepts and theories as related to the film

III. Film Analysis

a. use the film as an example of the concepts and theories as discussed above.

b. you should use specific examples from the film and discuss how you apply the sociological theory to these scenes

c. explain the impact positive or negative or both that the film has on society as a whole or in part

d. explain the possible goals or motivations of the film

e. explain how a different interpretation of the film can be made. for example does it support the ruling class? (Marx) does it make us accept our place? (Durkheim) is it looking for individuals to make sense of their world and to create their own world? (Weber)

IV. Conclusion

a. summarize briefly your paper

b. explain how you would change the film if you were directing it