Ow do the imagination and products of imagination(poems,paintings,photos,music etc.) help you construct a sense of place?

3 pages essay not including citatation
at least 1000 words
Citation to be used:
1. Down An Old Road
The Poetic Life of Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel
Great depression, drought, commercial farming, Dust Bowl Migrants, historical experience, daily reality?

2. Life Place: Bioregional Thought and Practice
Robert Thayer,Jr.
University of California Press
Ch 5 Imagining
To live in a place well most certainly requires an imagination. Without imagination, humanity mires in mediocrity and stagnation; to imagine, to create, is to survive and thrive. Yet imagination often gets short shrift. True creativity has an other-worldliness to it. We are often suspicious of truly creative people because they often push the boundaries of our socially constructed realities farther thanis comfortable for us to tolerate. For the most part, however, the artwork that springs from imagination is not a navigation system but merely a hand-drawn map to alternative routes, not a windshield but a side window, or perhaps even a rearview window. The possible future glimpsed by art are like views through a kaleidoscope.But walking through life looking through a kaleidoscope is certainly preferable to walking blindfolded.

3.Vernal Pool : Californias Gold