Ow do the media portray the future of America?

You will classify the types into organized parts.
Classify different programs (movies, reality TV shows, sitcoms, news programs, etc,) by the way the present the future.
You will then write a well-developed (500 word) essay that supports some thesis that makes a point in an introduction with a clear introduction technique that we discussed.
ie. Post-apocalyptic movies have become extremely popular, but they can be easily organized by the way they think the end of the world will occur.
You will support your thesis with at least three body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should have a strong topic sentence that supports and reflects the thesis. You should have three meaningful units (primary and secondary supports) that explain the topic sentence. You should also include a concluding/transitional sentence that ties the paragraphs together. (Each body paragraph should have at least 11 sentences, and you should include sentence variety.) Use third-person exclusively for this essay.
Finally, you should write a strong and satisfying conclusion that reiterates the thesis, summarizes main points, and uses a clear conclusion technique.
Use attributive tags to clarify source information and MLA manuscript style to format your essay. 1a? margins; 12pt font (Times New Roman); Double Spaced; heading w/ name, class, instructor, date in upper left corner of 1st page (not in the header); page number in upper right header w/last name
Since you are dealing with a?common knowledgea? about the movies or T.V. shows, you do not have to cite and document unless you use direct quotes. The goal here is to identify specific movies/T.V. shows and/or characters that demonstrate visions of the future in different ways (according to a consistent principle).