Ow do the roles of men and women differ between tribes?

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Also tribal specificity is a must in this class. Instead of referencing American Indians or Native Americans as all the same people, when you get to an island, region, place TRY to identify the tribe that lives in that area, note if its speculation (which is fine), but throughout this course its important to understand that American Indians are an entire continent of people and should be not be generalized. I compare it to Europe for ease. If I traveled to Europe and encountered interesting Europeans that built buildings you would have no idea if it was Stonehenge, the Coliseum in Rome, or Parthenon in Greece. Its important to view American Indians similarly if the English fight the French we understand immediately that there is a long history of dislike, but we dont always make that connection when the Chippewa fight the Sioux. Often students think of Indians fighting each other which is as true as English fighting French.

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The class text book is Calloway, Collin G. First Peoples (Fourth Edition). Boston: Bedford / St. Martins, 2012

2. How do the roles of men and women differ between tribes?