Ow do the simple actions of individuals add up to the complex behavior of a group?

How do the simple actions of individuals add up to the complex behavior of a group?
A single ant or bee isnt smart, but their colonies are. The study of swarm intelligence is providing insights that can help organizations maximize their diverse human capital to manage complex systems, from truck routing to military robots.
Swarm intelligence, also known as collective intelligence is a very interesting look at animal behavior and how the study of it can be applied to business systems, in particular to business systems that use diversity for the greater, collective good. Very interesting and applicable to our study this semester on organizations with diverse membership. It is an examination of organizational diversitys oversight to organizational behavior, human capital, and systems.

READ: The National Geographic article, Swarm Theory found in your Content Folder (Read through the entire article–This is a GREAT article!).
Provide a summary of the article, include in your summary rules/lessons from at least 3-4 animal groups (bees, ants,geese, etc)
Select one point/lesson organizations can learn from animal swarm behavior. (Other than the lesson from bees used below)
Explain how this lesson has been applied to business systems (examples are given throughout the article).
Apply Lesson from Bees to a diverse team you have personally (e.g, school, work, or class, sport, personal) been a part of
Lesson from Bees: The bees rules for decision-makingi??seek a diversity of options(ideas), encourage a free competition among ideas, and use an effective mechanism to narrow choices.

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