Ow do the Views of Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Grotius Differ and What Aspects of Society Influenced These Theories?

The paper HAS to be based on the articles found in the book titled International Relations in Political Thought”, edited by Chris Brown, Terry Nardin and Nicholas Rengger, Cambridge University Press. The pages are 257-269 for Niccolo Machiavelli, 335-340 for Thomas Hobbes, and 325-335 for Hugo Grotius. Please use 3 outside sources and cite accordingly.
The paper must be 12 pages long, size 12 font in Times New Roman with 1 inch margins. It must be a critcal analysis of each of the mentioned authors arguments. I would like to show a progression from the focus on the State in Machiavelli, to Hobbes ideas of the State and its role and then to Grotius ideas on international law and the interaction of States. My hope is the paper will reveal certain factors were prevalent in each of these theorists time that influenced their ideas.

**** The paper should show a progression in theory from that of Machiavelli, to Hobbes, to Grotius. ****