Ow do the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan affect the U.S. economy, politics and way of thinking?

You must write, at least, three full pages, double spaced and in 12 points type 1000 words (no less than 1,000 words) of research. One introduction, one conclusion and one bibliography. The paper must include books, periodicals (U.S.only) and internet sources (U.S. only). It cannot be plagiarized, it must be original work. The research paper must have the following:

a) research quality: at least 3 published references, and correct referencing of sources in the body of the paper. One Internet source reference per paper is allowed, however it must be from a reputable site by an announced author. (U.S. sites only)
b) writing skills; organization, grammar, syntax, spelling, appropriate word choice and clarity of expression. Avoid repetition;
c) thoughtfulness of application and personal reaction.
d) effort: following instructions, consulting resource materials, narrowing subject and supporting statements, professional preparation.