Ow do Toyota successful its operation in US, and what strategic lessons can be learned?

Working title of Project:br /
This should be brief and to the point, encapsulating the essence of the proposed research. It must be appropriate to your programme of study and link with the project aim stated below.br /
br /
How do Toyota successful its operation in US, and what strategic lessons can be learned? br /
br /
Project Aim:br /
This must be appropriate to your programme of study and should be clear and concise.br /
br /
The aim of this project is to investigate the expansion of Toyota Motor Company in the US automobile industry. To analysis the US car market and Toyota positions in the market. Investigate the variables influencing the strategic management of Toyota. br /
br /
Objectives:br /
These should be specific and are the steps to be taken in order to meet your aim. For a project of this type there will usually be between 4 and 6 objectives. They should each begin with the word a?toa.br /
Investigate automobile industryas development in US. br /
To investigate the automobile market of US, to determine the factors that influence the development of the market. br /
To analyse Toyotaas performance in US market. br /
To analyse the factors that influence business activities and the investment strategy of the company. br /
To identify resources and capabilities of the company, the key success factors that help Toyota success in the US market. br /
br /
Rationale:br /
This should be a brief explanation as to what your project will be about and who the intended audience are. You should include:br /
a? A summarised description of what is being studied (e.g. the organisation, industry, theory, problem)br /
a? A summarised explanation of who this project might be useful to, and why it will be useful to them.br /
This work will be useful for the company involved in the automobile industry that they are planning to invest in US operations, especially these are market seeking strategies. br /
Methods:br /
State briefly how the objectives will be fulfilled e.g.br /
a? Journals, books, company reportsbr /
a? Interviews, questionnairesbr /
br /
In order to fulfill the research objectives, a wide range of resources including prestigious journal articles, books, reports, newspapers and web sources will be taken full advantage of. Although this project draws on mainly extant literature and data, it still has striking initiative and originality. The data and facts will be analyzed from a perspective barely done before. The main research methodology adopted in this study is case study. Data related to the chosen case will be collected. Strategic Management principles and theories will be employed to conduct an in-depth analysis.