Ow Do Traditional and Commitment Based Controls Compare?

Final Essay Instructions

a? The essay is to be at least 2 pages and not more than 4 pages

a? Subject: How Do Traditional and Commitment Based Controls Compare?

a?You must provide at least four references (one may be the textbook, itself)

Supervision and Leadership in A Changing World

Author: Gary Dessler, First Edition, 2012

Publisher: Pearson Education, Inc., New River, NJ

ISBN: 13-987-0-13505865-7.

You can use the references that the authors of the textbook used to build each chapter. You can find the references, by chapter, in the back of the textbook. You can use on-line references; however, you may NOT use Wikipedia as a source.

a?The essay must be typed, using 12pt. font, double-spaced, in MS-Word format or Rich Text Format (rtf). Failure to comply will result in point deductions.

a?Your essay must include a title, and the final page must be a separate listing of the references you used. The title page and reference page do not count as a part of the body of the paper.

a?Your essay should consist of an introduction of the topic, some discussion of what is already written about the topic (hereas a good place for your referencesa in journals this is known as the literature review), and then a discussion of the points you want to make, ending with a conclusion.

a?Note: I do NOT want to see textbook passages fed back to me. I want your thoughts. Indeed, please note that no more than 20% of the paper may consist of quoted passages (roughly 100 words).