Ow do various different media outlets reproduce gender identity norms?

I want the the thesis of this essay to focus on how the media reproduces gender identity norms. This paper should include terms such as heternormative, heterosexual/homosexual scripts, surveillance, panopticon, hegemonic, dominate culture, sex, gender, agency, normative, deconstructing, queering and biological.

2 of the 6 sources must be

Girls, Media and the Negotiation of Sexuality: A Study of Race, Class, and Gender in Adolescent Peer Groupsby Meenakshi Gigi Durham

The Social Organization of Sexuality and Gender in Alternative Rock: As Analysis of Intersectionalityby Mimi Scippers

All papers must be based on an analysis of Sexual Identities

Essay to include the following:
a? Introduction: What is your topic? Why did you choose it? What materials are you going to present in your paper? Provide a roadmap for the reader.
a? Argument: Take a position, make an argument and demonstrate you have learned how to distinguish between fact, theory, assumptions and opinions. Support your argument with evidence (e.g. the course materials and academic sources).
a? Examples: Draw on the course materials and your research for specific examples and integrate them into the body of the paper. Ask yourself how social norms, stigmas, and other forms of marginalization are possible? What are the conditions of possibility for some behaviours and desires to be assumed normal and others abnormal? In short, who tells us what is right or wrong and for what purpose?
a? Power and Sexualized Bodies: Analyze how the sexual identity you are writing about produces inequalities through mainstream notions of what is a?normal.a This will include analyses of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and/or disability as they relate to sexualized bodies. Remember to refer to course readings and class discussions on topics such as class and sex, sex work, military sex, the sexualisation of Asians and the Black sexualized body, and so on.