Ow do we explain the stance of the Fatimid Empire towards the Crusades?

This essay deals with the period of the Crusades in the Middle East. It is strictly a History essay. With regards, to the Fatimid Empire, this relates to the time of the early Crusades. The essay should generally be divided into three main points/themes, and cannot exceed 2000 words. A minimum of six sources should be used. I have added underneath some suggestions of sources to use, but please do not exclusively use them. You will need to use other sources as well.

*Kohler, M: Alliances and Treaties between Frankish and Muslim Rulers, p.67-82

Brett. M: The Rise of the Fatimids: The world of the Mediterranean and the Middle East in the Fourht Century of the Hijra/Tenth Century CE, Leiden, 2001

*Brett, M.: The Fatimids and the Counter-Crusade, 1099-1171, in: U. Vermeulen/K. DHusler (eds.): Egypt and Syria in the Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluk Eras V, Leuven 2007, p.15-25

*Hamblin, W.: To Wage Jihad or Not: Fatimid Egypt during the early Crusades, in: H. Dajani-Shakeel/R.A. Messier (eds.), The Jihad and its Times, Ann Arbor 1991, p.31-39

Lev, Y.: State and Society in Fatimid Egypt, Leiden 1990, p. 93-121

*If necessary, I can have any of the suggestions I marked with a (*) uploaded