Ow do you a?stay safea [a study of risk and perceptions of crime/ danger]?

For this assignment you are required to conduct two stages of a qualitative research plan. The research questions is: a?How do you a?stay safea [a study of risk and perceptions of crime/ danger]?a. This needs to be a question and one that could be realistically researched by an undergraduate researcher, during a long university break, within an environment of Brisbane, QueenslandAustralia. You wonat be required to actually conduct the research, but these constraints will help you for planning purposes.

The first part of the assignment (approximately 1250 words) requires you to conduct a literature review. From resources available to you in the UQ library (books, journals and online journals), conduct a review of qualitative research conducted in the past 10 20 years that addresses a similar topic to your own. Select the most relevant four to five articles. Your review should focus on the strengths and weaknesses of this previous research and how relevant it might be to answering your own research question. Some strategies on conducting an effective literature review, including the best use of databases, will be covered during tutorial sessions.

In the second part of your assignment (approximately 1250 words), design an outline plan for a research project that addresses your question. Your plan should include the following:

1. Why your research question requires a qualitative approach
A 2. What sort of knowledge you will need to produce to answer your question (the
epistemology of your approach)
A 3. Which method of qualitative research would be best suited to this (remember to refer to the arguments made in your literature review).
A 4. How you might go about producing this knowledge: What are the particular research questions you aim to answer (three or four) and why?
A 5. Who or what would be utilised to conduct your research (people and/or sites)?
A 6. How would you select/recruit research sites and/or participants?
A 7. Reflection on what sort of practical and ethical constraints you need to consider, given your research topic and your own biographical characteristics.
Note: you dont need to provide any detailed estimates on budgets, timelines etc. You just need to make sure your project is broadly realistic with the constraints provided to you. More detailed briefings and the opportunity to ask questions will be given in lectures and tutorials.

Criteria & Marking:

Criteria Mark /8
Ability to select A and critique relevant qualitative research articles A 
The ability to communicate the essential features of a A research plan within limited space A 
Demonstrated understanding of the purpose and aims of qualitative research A 
Well structured and supported argument A 
Correct referencing and documentation ;A Readability and grammar A 
Total/40 A A