Ow do you create a truly customer-centric islamic financial institution?

Please answer the following questions:

Customer centricity should be at the heart of any commercial strategy, and that is as true for Islamic banking as for any other type of banking. Fundamental questions to be answered in this work are:

a?Customer service in Islamic financial institutions frequently compares badly with that in conventional financial service providers, especially for the mass market a why is this so, and how can it be rectified?

a?What are your three top tips for creating and maintaining a customer-centric organisation?

a?To what extent can products and services be tailored to facilitate Muslim lifestyles and life stages?

a?How do you integrate multiple delivery channels to provide the best possible customer experience?

a?How important is technology in providing what customers want?

a?What is the secret of attracting and training customer-focused staff?

Referencing Requirements:

I would like to have articles from 2012 and 2013.

I would like to have business oriented articles and practices that have done by islamic financial institutions.