Ow do you see the role of the BSN-prepared nurse communicating with team to discuss impact of these measures

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Review the IPCP and QSEN competencies. How do you see the role of the BSN-prepared nurse communicating with team to discuss impact of these measures…

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Posted Date: November 12, 2014 10:22 PM Status: Published

IPCP, NDNQI, and QSEN Competencies in a clinical setting

In my place of employment which is a hospice agency, I do see core competencies from the Interprofessional Collaborative Practice or IPCP that are being followed. Under competency Domain 1, Values and Ethics, we do a team base approach to health care delivery with patients being the center of the team. Despite a team approach, confidentiality is maintained and information is shared on a need to know basis. Each discipline is treated with respect and are all given a chance to provide input in weekly Inter disciplinary Group meetings. We also do a yearlya? boot-campa? training for eight hours to review competencies in addition to the numerous in-services.

Under competency 2, Roles and responsibilities, we are encouraged to introduce ourselves to patients with our name, title, how long visit should last and purpose of visit. On our first visit to the patients home, the name of all disciplines who will be providing care to the patient and their roles has to written on the patients folder and left in the home.

From the QSEN Deep Dive Six outcome measures for patient outcome, we do conduct surveys measuring patients experience and satisfaction with care provided. This survey is done after that patient has died. I do not agree with this as families are sometimes angry that their family member has died and in their state of grieving frequently does not give a good rating. I think the survey should be done when the patient is alive and interventions can be done to improve care.


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