Ow do you stay true to your religious beliefs and yet care for those who are from other cultures?

Choose a health care related ethical problem that you found in a recent (past two months) magazine, health care journal, or newspaper article. You must cite the specific magazine, health care journal, or newspaper article in the written assignment itself.

1.Write a 5-8 page letter addressed to a colleague, the administrator of the health care institution in question, or your state or federal legislator, as appropriate, in which you:
a. identify and explain the problem and how it arose;
b. identify and explain the major ethical issues raised by the problem;
c. explain your recommendations to correct the identified problem, as well as your suggestions on how to implement those recommendations; and
d. discuss any and all intended and possible unintended consequences of your recommendations.
2. Support your recommendations in a clear and reasoned manner, using your common sense and past experiences, as well as what you have learned in the course. You are encouraged to interview individuals in the health care field and to use what you have learned from those interviews. Also, feel free to utilize reference materials, but cite them properly and include them in a bibliography.