Ow do you use digital technology in your daily life?

Digital Autobiography
500 words

In you first assignment for the course you will reflect on your own relationship to digital technology (smart phones, apps, tablets, social media, digital music and other online content). This essay should seek to tell the story of your relationship to technology, specifically how your relationship to technology formed, how you became technologically literate, and where you stand now in relation to technology.
You should begin the essay by freewriting. Consider various moments or experiences in your history with technology and make note of these. Put pen to paper and write out any anecdotes that come to mind. When getting started, consider the following questions:

How do you use digital technology in your daily life?

writing and select the most significant, illustrative, or important pieces from your writing. Consider what pieces, among what youi??ve been writing, best tell the story of your relationship to technology.
Once youi??ve selected these pieces, you should begin drafting your paper. The digital autobiography should adopt the following format:

Episode #1
Episode #2
Episode #3

In your introduction, announce to you reader what is to follow. If you are going to relate a series of educational or school oriented memories, state this in your introduction. If you are going to discuss your family and their role in introducing you to technology, state that. While this is not an argumentative essay and need not have a thesis, you should consider what messages or ideas that you want to convey to your reader. What do you want your reader to take away from what you are writing? Try to express this in your introduction.
In the body of your essay, you should relate a series of memories or episodes that relate how you have become acquainted with technology. You can do this in a number of ways. You may approach the assignment chronologically, beginning with your earliest memories of your relation to technology and then continuing to later memories. You may also organize the body of the essay thematically. One paragraph could describe your experiences at school and another with your family. You could also organize each paragraph around particular technologies such as the computer, the smart phone, etc. Regardless of how you organize the paper, choose one idea or topic per paragraph. Doni??t switch ideas mid paragraph, rather remain with the topic until you feel it exhausted.
In your final paragraph, try to summarize your experience with technology and reflect on how it has influenced you. Consider how your life has been changed or mediated by technology. What has technology allowed you to do or become? Has it proved a positive or negative influence on your life? When you think about technology, are your associations positive or negative?
The paper will be graded on the clarity of your ideas, your ability tofollow the organizational model included above, and for grammar and spelling.