Ow do you use technology to support your learning?

i??Smith and Jones Business Consultantsi?? originated in 1992 and we are now an established business consultancy based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Our company is undergoing a period of expansion and we welcome the opportunity to work with you over the coming year.

I am aware that you are relatively new starters in the world of consultancy and are currently studying at University to enhance your skills. Your tutor is a well-known associate to the company and will be invaluable in helping you in your new venture.

I understand that as part of this skills process you have been asked in groups of 3 to 5, to design a questionnaire which is to be distributed to your fellow University colleagues. As both Smith and I are particular advocates of technology we would be fascinated to hear about your findings. Could you please pass on to us the report you produce from this exercise.

Up to i??5,000 (i.e. 5 marks) will be available for this task. This reflects the group context in which you will undertake this task.

We will be in touch again with you very shortly with your first individual assignment.


P.S. For your convenience, your tutor has provided us with the workshop instructions associated with this exercise. This can be accessed by the link above.

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