Ow do your travel interest differ from those of your parents? From those of your grandparents?

Please dont lift any paragraphs from the web. Personal view points are requested, please provide reasonal support for opinions

Effects on individuals
Tourism, if properly managed by both the traveler and the host community, can and should produce mutually beneficial social effects. The degree of immersion into the host society is a matter of personal choice. Planning a trip with the desired degree of contact experience is recommended. Immersion could range from superficial to life-seeing.

2.Effects on the family
Family trips are usually the highlight of the year, especially if the trip provides a generous measure of adventure and educational opportunities. Parents should strive to maximize the tripas benefits.

3.Effects on society
Good and bad results of mass tourism can occur in the host community. Good if there is a conscious local effort to create social contacts such as hosting a tea. Bad if little or no effort is made to achieve social contract and if drastic changes in ways of life become necessary in order to host visitors.
Tourists are easy targets for criminals and hotels must help protect them. Various resentments against tourists can be mitigated by good public relations activities. Other negative social effects can be moderated or eliminated by intelligent planning and good management.

4.Life characteristics and
Rising standards of living, population age characteristics, educational
travel attainment levels, better communications, increasing social consciousness, and psychological shrinking of the globe by the jet plane all impact travel.

5.Emergence of group
Travel clubs, low-priced group travel, incentive tours, special interest
travel patterns tours.

6.Social (subsidized)
People with low purchasing power are subsidized for travel by their labor travel or trade union, government, or employer. A very important part of life in many countries, especially in Russia and Eastern European countries, but also elsewhere.

7.Summary of the
Provides a 16-point listing of social effects with a brief explanation
principal social of each effect.
effects of tourism

8.The international
Inclined to be active, interested in novelty, autonomy, and a more
tourist unstructured travel experience.