Ow does a company adapt its products and marketing strategies from country to country?

Why do you think that McDonalds adapts or customizes its marketing mix each time it enters a new country?
What about MTV? How about Starbucks?
Can you think of any foreign companies who sell here in the United States and how they might have adapted their marketing mix to meet North American requirements?

Points to consider for the discussion, using McDonalds as an example:

Just about every country in the world has a McDonalds, in towns and cities large and small.
The Golden Arches motif is universal although the restaurant interiors may vary from country to country.
Ronald McDonald is a global personality!
MacDonalds has their food preparation down to a science; just about any teenager in the world can prepare a perfect Big Mac. It does not matter if the teenager is from China, Sweden, or Chile i?? or wherever.
A Big Mac may look the same in China or in Sweden, but it may taste differently.
A Big Mac in India will be made from ground lamb, not beef, due to religious requirements.

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