Ow does a New Zealand teacher become a Different-erteacher

Introduction: State issue clearly and provide a brief general backround to the research topic and reasons for choosing the issue or idea. State the research questions:
1/ How does a New Zealand teacher become a Different-erteacher?
2/ What is an ordinary teacher and what is a different-er teacher in NZ terms?
3/ How important is being a different-er teacher to childrens learning and NZ schools?
4/ How are teachers going to make a difference to childrens learning by being different-er teachers?
Results/Findings: present your answers to your questions. NO writers voice in this section, only what the research is saying about the topic/questions. This is the what section
Discussion: Writers voice should be evident. This is where the why and how questions whould be asked and answered. This section is where the critical analysis or critique of the information must occur.
Conclusion: is a VITALLY important part of the report. This is the so what? now what?. Sum up key questions/ideas/issues raised during discussion. Refer to any implications of your topic on learning and teaching in school and classroom settings. E.g., what is the possible impact of this issue on beginning teachers? Offer suggestions or recommendations for future classroom, school or national research which may have surfaced during yourinvestigation.