Ow does advertising reflect and shape the values of our society?

Instructions for Research essay assignment:
1) This is a 9 paragraph research essay assignment both including a Introduction and Conclusion.
2) Include a relevant thesis statement in the introduction, also please bold style the thesis statement.
3) For the first 3 paragraphs please explore and give arguments for the ideas in the topic.
4) For the last 6 paragraphs also explore the arguments for the ideas but include you own view points on the subject.
5) Please include 3 primary sources and 6 secondary sources.
6) The first primary source as to be (a essay) Never to Buffwhich I will upload in the order tracking area for you.
7) The other 2 primary sources must be either academic journal or articles or books that relate to the research essay topic.
8) The 6 secondary sources should also be either academic journals or articles which help support your arguments on the topic.
9) Please include a alphabetical bibliography.

Checklist for this assignment:

1. Does the thesis statement present the following elements: 1) your opinion; 2) your support for this opinion from primary sources; 3) your support for this opinion from the secondary sources.
2. Are the essays assertions clear? Are they adequately supported?
3. Are the other points of view recoqnized and examined?
4. Have the 6 supporting secondary sources been used to support the central argument?
5. Does the organization of the paper further your assertions/argument?
6. Have you removed irrelevant material?
7. Have you followed MLA style for citations and bibliography?
8. Is your source material (whether summarized, paraphrased, or quoted) presented fairly and accurately?
9. Have you rechecked the citations for all the sources in the paper?
10. Have you prepared an alphabetical list of the sources for the end of your paper.