Ow Does Al zazeera film influence the way you understand war movies?

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Movie:Hollywood and the War Machine, from Al Jazeera,
go on Youtube type Empire Hollywood and the war machine (46 minutes)
Writing Task:
The al Jazeera film Hollywood and the War Machine argues that the US military uses Hollywood movies as a means of propaganda. In exchange for military equipment and consultation, Hollywood allows the military to shape how the military is portrayed in the approved movies. The Al Jazeera film suggests that military approved movies give the public an inaccurately positive impression about the conduct of the US military.
In an essay of at least three full typed pages, use an approved war movie in response to the following prompt:
How does the Al Jazeera film influence the way you understand war movies?
In order to do well in this essay, you need to do several things in the body of your essay. First, make the thesis of Hollywood and the War Machine clear to the reader; explain the film enough so that someone who hasnat seen it will have a pretty good idea what the film is about. After establishing the main point of the Al Jazeera film, analyze a military approved war movie. Interpret specific details from the movie in light of the Al Jazeera film. If you want, you can also use a non-approved war movie; you can use this movie to show how differently the military is portrayed. Ultimately, your essay should draw a conclusion about how the Al Jazeera movie influences the way you understand war movies. This conclusion should be expressed in your thesis statement.