Ow does appropriate teacher/trainer intervention help the student/participant to become competent?

Please see the lecturers comment on the previous paper and how it must be adjusted.
I would like to take the approach of a trainer training participants in a pratical international hotel situation.
I have attached the lecturers comments on the paper which they have to adhere to strictly, please.
I have also attached a powe point presentation with relevant informatin and literature to used and some of them quoted within the text, as per comments.
Please make sure the information below is also attached to the paper.
Research methods and data –
a practical exercise
What research methods were employed
in the research reported in Nuthall and
Alton-Lee (1993)?
Identify all data types collected in the
research study reported in Nuthall and
Alton-Lee (1993)

Session 2A Task
Compile a list of data types employed in
the study by Nuthall and Alton-Lee with
at least one example of each data type