Ow does Asian cultural beliefs negatively affect their response to healthcare?

and focused a specifica idea a that is discussed in at least two articles you are reading for your research paper.

a? Paraphrase what each source says about that single idea.

a? Combine the two paraphrases into one BP

a? Add a topic sentence at the beginning of the BP that identifies the idea, and make sure the paraphrases are presented coherently a in other words, use transitions.

a? Cite both sources.

a? Include a bibliography after the BP


Write a Research Proposal for your research topic. Use the form displayed in the sample in the notes. This paper should fulfill the following criteria:

a? Include your main research question at the top and in the body of the paper.

a? First paragraph a  Rationale Why is this research topic important in the career of a nurse?

a? Second paragraph a  Introducing and explaining the main research question and several sub questions.

a? Third paragraph a  Research strategy and paper organization.

a? Brief working bibliography with three possible sources to be used in the final paper. In APA format.